This website was set up for all Paduans' benefit. All are welcome to use it by posting to the Guestbook section, or this Bulletin Board, and even to the Gallery.

Because this website was "homespun" and on a fairly tight budget, it does not have any bells and whistles; and it may be cumbersome to get from one section to another. Some of this I hope to change in the future, if I can. Others are simply restrictions of the programs themselves. In other words, this site is not as integrated as the Classmates website some may be familiar with, but that's because that site is commercial and able to afford an integrated data base linking guestbook, bulletinboard, photo gallery and even email. Alas, unless the lottery is hit, will simply trudge along.

To use the Bulletin Board, you must log in and get a password.

To post photos in the Gallery, you must have a login name and password, but you must get these from me (Unfortunately, it's the way the program is written.) So, this is what you do: choose a login name and password you want for the photo Gallery and email me with them. I will set it up and then you can log in to the Gallery and upload pictures yourself.